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The complete, customisable, and verifiable pole data collection solution

Pole Data Collection Includes:

  • GPS Position
  • Digital Photo
  • Pole & Attachment Heights
  • Wire-Span Heights
  • Overhead Line Crossing

Key Benefits

Your ROI could be realised during the first use: Our customers are reporting dramatically faster and more cost-effective pole data collection and processing over conventional methods.

This translates to improved productivity, faster decision-making/permitting, satisfied clients, and cost savings.

Verifiable, accurate, and consistent data: IKE eliminates human error by collecting geo-tagged photo verification of each pole. Attachment heights are accurate within ±25mm and GPS location within 1 metre. All data is collected digitally using customisable forms which drive field worker consistency.

Safety first with unlimited access:

Field workers can stand in a safe location to capture pole measurements and obtain data from hard to access or dangerous areas.