About Us


Fundamental Principles

  • Safety, quality, openness and awareness
  • Drive innovation with integrity
  • Create beneficial alliances with key partners
  • Develop pragmatic solutions with practical applications
  • Only be involved with businesses of a similar high value set
  • Collaborative leadership in electrical, engineering and utility industries


The mission for Innoprac is to develop, assess and utilise technology to deliver products and services that create opportunity, passion and excitement with all who we associate with.

How we will achieve our Mission

  • Develop a range of products and services that package a variety of elements to a compelling range of solutions
  • Using experienced and quality resources to achieve our outcomes
  • Adoption of Safety and Quality as non-negotiables within the Company
  • Build on relationships to expand our customer base
  • Attending relevant trade shows/conventions
  • Regular involvement with industry bodies e.g. committees and key partners


Is to develop a number of product streams to provide asset owners with approaches to resolve challenges in their ongoing asset management.

Operating model

Primarily Innoprac is a company that will source projects and combine resources to deliver solutions to a range of industries. To do this, Innoprac will need to hire staff and equipment to deliver the remediation and product manufacturing. We will also need to establish arrangements for fluctuating labour needs and the attainment of resources to store equipment and base operations from.

As a primarily Indigenous Australia company, Innoprac will source local indigenous labour where possible and practicable to facilitate using the Supply Nation procurement arrangements across Australia. 

Desired Future State

That the products provided by Innoprac are the preferred methods for asset management, remediation and new installation for energy and road infrastructure – and other high value assets across multiple industries.

That Innoprac is the first-choice option for asset owners of utility and road infrastructure for the asset management of their structures.